Distance with a Cause

After my brief hiatus from running, I am ready for my next distance race.  I am scaling it back a bit and doing the Dallas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon again this year.  Not only am I running it, but I am also raising money to help my favorite dog; the Pit Bull.  I am part of a great team of people who are out to spread the good word and raise awareness about the Pit Bull breed, as well as raise funds to support rescues in our area who are taking these dogs under their wings, and finding them good responsible homes!

We will be running the Dallas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon on March 25th! We are hoping that people are at the finish line, to greet us, with their Pit Bulls ( as well as non-Bully dogs). That would be so awesome!  Our team name is called Pit Bull Warriors.  We are even in the works to have shirts made to wear while we run!

I’m enjoying being a part of a running group, and our long running days are always with our dogs.  It’s great to get our furbabies out there for some good exercise!

Please contribute to our cause, by going to this chip-in link. Also when you do contribute, make sure and include my name in the comments section. Thank you everyone!!! Please donate via the chip in link, if you can, and please spread the word about our mission!


A huge thank you from Team Pit Bull Warrior!

A great group for a great cause!

Merry Mileage

Last week I celebrated my 42nd Birthday. Some women and men for that matter fear aging.  Not me.  I can  sit back and feel great about being this age. I look at it this way; I am wiser than I was at 24, I am stronger emotionally than I was at 24,  I am healthier than I was at 24, and  I am much more physically fit than I was at 24.

On the actual day of my birthday I went out and decided to do a celebratory run; .1 miles for each year.  I only had an hour for lunch, so I would not have been able to do something epic.  I did have an epic idea, but I lacked the time to complete it; 42 min swim, 42 mile bike ride, 4.2 mile run.

I settled for the 4.2 mile run.

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Run for the Cure

This week was my lighter training week.  Since I upped my Saturday long run day to eight miles, instead of seven, I was able to cut back in order to run the Komen 5K.  In the past when I have participated in this event, I have just walked it.  I always admired the runners, but was too timid and out of shape to attempt running a 5K.  I always thought though that one day I would like to try, but it was always “next year”.

This year was a different story.  On my weekday training runs, I was running at least 3 miles a day; a hair shorter than a 5K.  After months of training like this, I knew I could finally run in a 5K event.  The Komen Race for the Cure was the perfect chance to get a real 5K under my belt. My company had a team of people walking this, and my partner in crime, Christie’s company was also walking it.  This was her first 5K ever.  She looked forward to it as much as I did.

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