Big Mileage! Big Mileage! No whammies!

Tomorrow I set out to run my second longest run thus far.  I’ve done training runs in or about the same distance, but it has been a few months, so the angst is back.  Hell I ran a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) twice in the past 8 months.  You would think that I would be all cool like it’s just another day at the office, but with each run brings a different wrinkle and a different challenge.  Things happen.  A new ache, a shoe malfunction, a new dog chasing me down, and the possibility of having a cruddy run.

I haven’t had a bad run in a while, but I have had eventful ones.  Three weeks ago, I ended up getting chased by dogs on three separate occasions.  One of which was hot on my heels.  I ended up high steppin’ it for a good 50 feet or so. I may as well had a top hat and tails at that point, all while singing “Hello my baby! Hello my darlin’!  Hello my ragtime gal….”

About a mile from my house, I hit a rough patch of sidewalk, which caught my quirky foot just right, causing me to yard-sale off of a busy street.  I ended up with some scuffs, bruises, and a bloodied up knee; I kept running though.

There is that possibility, which is more likely, that the run will be fun, and a great experience.  I have to keep reminding myself this; even IF something goes awry, oh like a bloodied up knee from tripping and falling, I’ll get through it.  If I have to walk some, so be it.

I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the run.

No whammies please.  Those crazy critters scare me, and will take all my emergency cash!


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