After battling weight and health issues for years, I have finally found my road to good health.  My journey has been a lot like others out there.  I have lived the late night partying with friends, and have been sucked into the fast food paradox that towers over all of us.  I have also had the unique situation of having a physical hurdle called Cerebral Palsy to conquer. I don’t call it a disability, because I do not find myself to be disabled in any way.  I simply have side-roads that I have had to veer toward, in order to do the things that others can do with ease.  I have looked in the mirror and not only not liked what I have seen, but have been so lost for so long as to what to do to fix myself.

I was so lost for so long, and lost a lot of years being unhealthy inside and out.  That ends – now.

After dropping the weight the first few months of 2010, thanks to walking, running, P90x, and to my Bodybugg, I decided that I needed a new challenge. I started to feel as if I had some sort of higher calling. I wanted to inspire people to get active, especially those who think that they will never reach their health and physical goals. What could I do, that would make people take notice and really light a little fire in their belly?

Take on the challenge of endurance running!

Hey if I can get out there and commit to running with a screwy hip, leg, and foot, then what excuse do you healthy bodied people have?  Hmmmm…. not much of one!



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