Merry Mileage

Last week I celebrated my 42nd Birthday. Some women and men for that matter fear aging.  Not me.  I can  sit back and feel great about being this age. I look at it this way; I am wiser than I was at 24, I am stronger emotionally than I was at 24,  I am healthier than I was at 24, and  I am much more physically fit than I was at 24.

On the actual day of my birthday I went out and decided to do a celebratory run; .1 miles for each year.  I only had an hour for lunch, so I would not have been able to do something epic.  I did have an epic idea, but I lacked the time to complete it; 42 min swim, 42 mile bike ride, 4.2 mile run.

I settled for the 4.2 mile run.

I ended up cruising through an industrial area near work, and had a turn-around point already mapped.  As usual I detoured.  I ended up running over the Arapaho Rd bridge, which was pretty cool if you ask me!

I ended up going a little bit further than I intended, but crossing that bridge made it worth the extra steps!

Distance 4.32 mi, Duration 49:18, Pace 11:41 min/mile, Speed 5.26 mph.


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