Run for the Cure

This week was my lighter training week.  Since I upped my Saturday long run day to eight miles, instead of seven, I was able to cut back in order to run the Komen 5K.  In the past when I have participated in this event, I have just walked it.  I always admired the runners, but was too timid and out of shape to attempt running a 5K.  I always thought though that one day I would like to try, but it was always “next year”.

This year was a different story.  On my weekday training runs, I was running at least 3 miles a day; a hair shorter than a 5K.  After months of training like this, I knew I could finally run in a 5K event.  The Komen Race for the Cure was the perfect chance to get a real 5K under my belt. My company had a team of people walking this, and my partner in crime, Christie’s company was also walking it.  This was her first 5K ever.  She looked forward to it as much as I did.

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