Breaking up is hard to do?


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Break-ups are hard to deal with in relationships and in dating.  Break-ups when it comes to training can be just as challenging.  There is that nagging thought that sticks you in the brain, like a pin poking at you, when … Continue reading

When 11 becomes 12 and change

I admit that the previous 11 mile run mentally messed with my head.  It was my first bad long run since I returned to training in September.  Who knew that a one mile increase would tip the scale that much; but it did.  Everyone I talked to about this said pretty much the same thing,  “Sometimes you just have a bad run.  You do all the right things, but sometimes it is just beyond your control.  You just have to get past it and move forward.”

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The Long and Winding Road

Today was my longest run since I began training. The furthest I made when training for a full marathon in July was 10 miles. I hit that mileage last Saturday. Today was the next step – an 11 miler. Usually I would think that an extra mile would not be that big of a deal, but I guess with what all I have on my plate right now, it was a bit more of an undertaking for me.

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