Doctor’s office called me today, and set up my MRI appointment for tomorrow. So tomorrow afternoon I get to slip into that tube, and try to stay still long enough for them to get a good image of my shoulder.  Have you ever been told to stay still?  Do you realize how difficult that is for me on a normal basis?  To tell me to stay still will get me more antsy than normal.


Goin’ tubin’.

This is gonna be interesting.

IT son of a B

Saturday I drove out to the Dash Down Greenville 5K, and got there early enough to get a training run in.  I was a little concerned that I had not had a long running day in weeks.  My longest had been a 10 mile run over three weeks ago.  I did an 8 mile run, and then a total of 9.38 miles on this past Saturday (3.11 mi + 6.27mi).  It was at mile 4.5 on that training run when my hip started to feel REALLY tight.  I stopped and stretched on that run, and then did some more hip stretching before the gun went off for the 5K.

It was probably at mile 2 of the 5K, when I started to really hurt. I took short walking breaks to give my hip some rest, and finished the race at 35:28.00, which is three minutes slower than my average 5k race time.

I walked around the finisher’s area, grabbing beers, and race paraphernalia. As I started to walk back to my Jeep, my hip got worse; I could hardly walk.  I gimped across to the parking lot, and found that the area I parked in was Party Central for the parade.  If any of you are familiar with the Greenville Avenue St Patrick’s Day Parade, you will know or should know that the CVS parking lot at Lovers & Greenville is a melee of tents, parties, cookouts, kegs, freaks, and booze-a-plenty.  If you did not have a drink in hand or a jello shot in your face, someone was giving one to you.

No matter how much beer I drank, the pain was keeping me pretty sober.  I really just wanted to get out of there and go home, but my jeep was blocked in by the HUGE crowd of party goers.

Thankfully Christie was going to be just a train stop south of the parade, so I hopped on a DART train and met her at Whole Foods.  I had the hardest time walking.  I had to walk a block to get from the train station to the store, and I thought that at one point I was gonna start crying. I sucked it up, and just kept telling myself that I was almost there. Once I arrived I grabbed a couple more beers, and some food.

The next day it felt a little better, but the “better” never really progressed the following day. Tuesday I made an appointment with a Chiropractor, and will be  going in every day until race day.

The doctor has a massage therapist on staff, so she tries to work out the kinks for a half an hour, and then he tries to adjust my hip.  At one point he had his elbow dug into my glute muscle, with his entire 185 pounds of body weight pushing into that trigger point.  I had to just deep breath in order to take it.  I did not care what had to be done, I just wanted this pain gone.  I have the Dallas Rock ‘n’ Roll half Marathon on Sunday, so this needs to be remedied QUICK!

Easy now Trigger….

Time is drawing near.  My very first marathon is in a little over three weeks!  My training seems to have been going on for most of the year, and my miles sure have added up.  I started training back during the second week of June, and since I still had a good fitness level I was able to ramp up pretty quickly, and then ease back about every other weekend.  I even threw in a two-week break from long training, without any sacrifice.

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Breaking up is hard to do?


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Break-ups are hard to deal with in relationships and in dating.  Break-ups when it comes to training can be just as challenging.  There is that nagging thought that sticks you in the brain, like a pin poking at you, when … Continue reading

Long Running Success Continues

In the past few weeks I have been taking on higher mileage runs in my training.  I am happy to say that I am having continued success and have successfully avoided re-injuring my foot.  The 10 mile marker was the true litmus test in my running journey.  This was the distance that sidelined my training in July, and subsequent goal of my first full marathon event at the Dallas White Rock Marathon.

I have been cautiously running the higher distances, and even opted to tape my foot for the 10 mile run.  My goal in doing so was to complete the run, and avoid putting too much stress on my navicular bone.  The navicular sling tape job worked very well!

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MRI results – let’s talk?

Yesterday I called my doctor’s office to check and see if the results came back for the MRI of my foot. It has been pretty achy recently, and it has me a little concerned.  The MRI technician informed me the day of my test, that I could call as early as Tuesday for the results, even if I had an appointment for a couple of days after that.  Not knowing what was going on, or what the plan of action was, I was starting to get a little antsy.  I left a message for a callback, and waited for the word.

My doc stays pretty busy, so I figured that it would probably be a 24 hour turn around on the phone call.  Sure enough there was a missed call this morning and a voice mail notification.  I immediately checked the message, in hope of knowing at least what was found; instead I get a voicemail stating that the doctor would like to just discuss what was found on the MRI, when I go to my appointment tomorrow morning. 


Now I am really anxious!  A slew of scenarios are going through my mind. It could be nothing but inflammation.  It could be tendonitis.  It could be a soft tissue tear.  I could be a stress fracture.  It could also be something needing surgery or more time off of my running schedule.  It could require me to use crutches, with zero wait baring on the floor and NO cycling! 

I’m just going to have to chill, and trust this process.  It may be nothing or may be something that I do not like at all.  Either way it is out of my control, and I’m just going to have to roll with it.

Does this boot make me look fat?

My bootie!


 Thursday I was fitted for a walking boot. It is looking more and more like I have a stress fracture on my navicular bone, so to be safe the doctor and I both agreed that my foot needed to be immobilized.  

This boot is MUCH lighter than the old one I ha, which was loaned to me a few years back. I’m guessing that it is at least seven pounds lighter! It is much easier to walk in, and I don’t rattle the floors and walls, nor do I startle my roommate or scare my pets when I walk around the house!!  

I went and got an MRI on Friday, so I’m going to know more about what the issue is; unfortunately I won’t get the results until Tuesday. More waiting!  

At least I can ride my bike.  Saturday, I put in a substantial amount of miles on my mountain bike; a little over 37 miles.  It felt great to be able to put in that kind of effort!  

Later that day, I ended up buying a triathlon suit.  I like the styling of it.  I’ve never been much of a one-piece swimsuit kind of girl; I prefer bikinis.  The look of the triathlon suits are freaking cool to me, and who knows, maybe I’ll participate in one a little down the road!  Since it is looking more like I will have extended pool time, I am now looking to invest in a good underwater mp3 player.  I can’t seem to put my full trust in a case, such as the H2O Amphibx armband to protect my iPhone; after all if that case fails I will have no working phone! I may have to get an iPod Shuffle and their Interval 3G case, or maybe the Speedo Aquabeat.  I’m still shopping this.