Breaking up is hard to do?

Break-ups are hard to deal with in relationships and in dating.  Break-ups when it comes to training can be just as challenging.  There is that nagging thought that sticks you in the brain, like a pin poking at you, when you least expect it.

Am I doing the right thing by cutting back and taking a break?  Is this okay?  In the grand scheme of things should I do this?

Usually that answer is yes! In my case, by cutting back yesterday’s run from 9 to 5 (yeah go ahead and sing it), it was a needed break for my body.

Last Saturday’s run was the longest I have EVER done.  I’m probably going to keep saying this, just because for me it was just wow, unbelievable considering how out of shape I was a little over a year ago.  Also it amazes me how much my body has adapted to the constant pavement pounding I have put it through.  It’s getting used to the running abuse.

Yeah the term abuse might seem a little harsh, but think about how many body-weight pounding steps it takes to run a mile; roughly 2000 steps in a mile.  Now, think about having one leg almost 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches shorter than the other.  That side of the body takes even MORE of a beating, if you consider the drop and hit your body takes when that shorter side hits the ground.

Here comes the science!

How much force does a normal gaited individual put onto their feet and legs with each step of running?  During each foot strike the body is exposed to repeated impact forces estimated to be three to four times the body weight of the runner, depending upon their stride and body position with each step.

I’m 126 pounds, which would mean that each time my foot hits the ground, I am putting 378 – 508 pounds of force upon it.  However since my left side hits harder, and somewhat collapses upon impact of each step, I would guess it would be a hell of a lot more.  I’m just too tired right now to carry the one.  You get the idea though.

A mile of running slams anywhere from 756,000 pounds – 1 TON of force on each leg. Last Saturday, I ran 14 miles – so at MOST I pummeled each foot with 14 accumulated tons of force, by the end of that run.

Yeah so I do not feel bad at all for cutting yesterday’s run to 5 miles.  It was a needed break.


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