License plate? Anyone get that?

So this is what a body feels like a day after running 18 miles? Ya know, I would have thought that after feeling good yesterday post-“damn run”, that I would be escaping the aches and pains pretty much unscathed.

That’s where my brain deceives me. The thinking part.

First notable pain – the middle toe on my right foot.  Just the tip. Ow.

Second and third pain – my neck and shoulders

Ow my toe.

Third pain – middle of my back

Ow my toe!

I realize that this is a gradual onset of achiness, and that I could be in for an interesting next 12 hours.

I think I am starting to get a headache.

Ugh my toe! Am I about to lose a nail or what???

Breaking up is hard to do?


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Break-ups are hard to deal with in relationships and in dating.  Break-ups when it comes to training can be just as challenging.  There is that nagging thought that sticks you in the brain, like a pin poking at you, when … Continue reading

And So It Begins… again

Week one of Half-Marathon training is upon me! Day one… a rest day. I can dig that!

I put in a little over 4 miles on Saturday morning, and my legs were noticeably heavy. Not quite sure what the exact problem was, but I am thinking it was due to lack of proper hydration and supplementation; a wagon that I have fallen off of as of late. I am a preacher of drinking water. Drink at least your 8 cups (64 oz) of water a day, and more than that during the summertime. The injury got me off my game with training and with the above theory; I have just not been cognitive of my water intake. My food intake, yes I have been mindful of, but hydration has been forgotten.  Bad me!

I made it through the run, but did have to walk almost a mile at the end.  Walking breaks are fine, but when it is something that you have to take suddenly, due to performance issues, you have got to look at the “why”.

Today I am looking at training schedules.  It was easy with the marathon training because I had a couple of books that were dedicated to the topic.  However with a Half Marathon it is a little more tricky to find solid tried and true advice.  It’s out there, but you have to weed through the web to get it.  I believe I am settled on one of Hal Higdon’s.   I may just be overly cautious due to the fact that I am coming back from an injury.  I’m going to take this slow. REPEAT. I am going to take this slow.

For now, here is an inspirational quote –

“I don’t love broccoli, and I don’t love the treadmill, but I love the way I feel when I’m healthy and strong. It empowers me in all facets of my life. So remember, that although something may not be fun in the moment, remind yourself of the ultimate reward, and allow that to motivate you through the tough times. ”

—Jillian Michaels

Fresh Start


I am super excited to announce that my training limbo is coming to an end, and that my Half Marathon training schedule begins this MONDAY!  My foot has finally healed enough for me to feel comfortable with hitting the pavement again.  I have been running an average of 5K (3.11 mi) three to four times a week, and walking the same distance a couple of times a week. Those have all been on my lunch hour at work.  In the EARLY mornings I have been taking our new pup on walks at least five times a week, so that has also added to my weekly mileage.

At first I started back up with my foot wrapped and taped, to help support my arch and to also stabilize that problematic navicular bone.   I have gone through about six rolls of athletic tape in the past three weeks! Ace Bandage should send me a Thank You card!

In the past 5 days, I have successfully ran two days without taping my foot at all – one was 3.21 mi and the other was an accidental 4.21 mi run.  I say accidental because I got a little lost and extended my mileage more than I intended. My plan is to still tape my foot on the longer runs  just to play it safe, but for the 3 to 4 mile runs I feel safe enough to skip the tape and just go.

I’m going over the 12 week training schedule, and looks like this is all going to fall into place!

Back in the Swing of Things


I promise that I have been meaning to get back to blogging, but life has been so hectic these past few weeks!  My training still is not 100% back on track, and I am continuing to take it as slow as possible. 

I still remain crazy active, even without running 20+ miles a week.  I’ve focused on swimming and getting my foot used to walking without the boot.  Walking the new pup has helped get some mileage going that is for sure.  He was cleared to walk last week, and we have been hitting the streets almost every day.

Monday at lunch I ran a 5K on the treadmill at the gym.  I did throw in walking breaks, and also have to tape my arch up, to help keep pressure off of my navicular bone.  It’s been going quite well.   I am hoping to be back on a training schedule soon, and to be able to build everything up to do the White Rock half-marathon in December.  I may have to walk a little more than I had hoped, but finishing is finishing.  Next year I will do the full 26.2 miles!

Life, Lemons, and Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, you know what to do!

Today marks the one month anniversary of my last run. This was the awesome 10-miler right before I injured my foot. Seems like it has been much longer! I am pretty much 100% out of the walking boot, but if needed I will not hesitate to slap it back on again. For safety’s sake I am also NOT running as I was several weeks, even three months, back. The walk/walk/light jog/walk test has begun.

I started walking last week at lunch, and put in a shade over two miles per session. I did this for two days. My arch felt a little tight during the walks, but it was intermittent. It could have been because of the injury or just because my foot was not used to the movement; especially considering that my foot had been immobile for these pas weeks. There was no next day soreness, swelling, or area tenderness. That was a good sign.

I used two other days during the week to continue my new hobby; swimming.   I never realized how much would like it; which was the same with running in the beginning, to be honest. I am getting past the awkward spazzy stroke stage, and am starting to get into the swimming groove.

Who knows, this may lead to doing triathlons!  For now it is a good way to change up things and to allow my foot to take the time to heal.