The Long and Winding Road

Today was my longest run since I began training. The furthest I made when training for a full marathon in July was 10 miles. I hit that mileage last Saturday. Today was the next step – an 11 miler. Usually I would think that an extra mile would not be that big of a deal, but I guess with what all I have on my plate right now, it was a bit more of an undertaking for me.

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Long Running Success Continues

In the past few weeks I have been taking on higher mileage runs in my training.  I am happy to say that I am having continued success and have successfully avoided re-injuring my foot.  The 10 mile marker was the true litmus test in my running journey.  This was the distance that sidelined my training in July, and subsequent goal of my first full marathon event at the Dallas White Rock Marathon.

I have been cautiously running the higher distances, and even opted to tape my foot for the 10 mile run.  My goal in doing so was to complete the run, and avoid putting too much stress on my navicular bone.  The navicular sling tape job worked very well!

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Merry Mileage

Last week I celebrated my 42nd Birthday. Some women and men for that matter fear aging.  Not me.  I can  sit back and feel great about being this age. I look at it this way; I am wiser than I was at 24, I am stronger emotionally than I was at 24,  I am healthier than I was at 24, and  I am much more physically fit than I was at 24.

On the actual day of my birthday I went out and decided to do a celebratory run; .1 miles for each year.  I only had an hour for lunch, so I would not have been able to do something epic.  I did have an epic idea, but I lacked the time to complete it; 42 min swim, 42 mile bike ride, 4.2 mile run.

I settled for the 4.2 mile run.

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Playing catch up – again

So help me, I think about blogging most every day, but everything seems to leap forward and prevent me from sitting down and focusing on writing something.   I’m still training, and doing very well actually.   I won’t try to post every single map of my training runs over the past weeks, but I will post the latest long run map, because honestly it rocked.

Saturday I set out to do a 7-miler.  On the weekend I do one long run, usually a mile more than the previous weekend’s run.  Last Saturday I did just over 6 miles, so naturally I needed to up it to a 7-miler – capiche?

I set forth on my little running adventure.  The night before I mapped it out, and sent the navigation notes to my iPhone, so I could quickly check them, so as to avoid getting lost.  As the running routes  increase in distance, so does my chance of running in unfamiliar territory.  I can no longer circle the neighborhood, because at this distance it would get boring and dizzy.  This new route had me getting to the Houston street bridge, but not crossing into downtown.

Yeah,  I crossed it; but only 80% of the way.

It was fun to run over the river – well the dried up version of a river that we have here in Dallas.  I had ridden over this bridge MANY MANY times on my bike, but running it was more fun.  I could take the time to see the marshy area below, and the cranes that were flying around.

I got right to the point that it enters the downtown area, and turned back.  I know how I am about getting caught up in the running adventure, and I didn’t want to risk over doing the mileage so much that I re-visit the foot injury that I just finally healed from.

Oh yeah the foot issue – I ran this without the need of taping and wrapping the arch.  How about that?  Ha!

Distance 8.16 mi, Duration 1:39:24, Pace 12:15 min/mile, Speed 4.9 mph.

This week begins week 5 of my training.  I have cut back the mileage a little, so I can give my body a recovery week, but also so I can run the Komen Race for the Cure 5K on Saturday.  I’ve ran 5K upwards of four times a week since March, but I have never ran an actual 5K Event.  I’ve always admired the runners at the Komen 5K, but I have always just walked it.  Each time I participated, I thought to myself, “Next year I’m gonna run this”, but I never did – until NOW.

This is going to be a blast!

Week Two – Almost completed!

This week I also made it official; I registered for the Half Marathon portion of the White Rock Marathon.  I had held off a while to make sure my foot was healing before I paid to register.  Now it is official.  I am in!  Yee ha!

My second week of training is just about in the books.  I planned for running my long training run this morning, but we had some pretty severe rainstorms move through the area at sunrise.  I had hoped that these would have stayed away long enough for me to get my run in, but I was woken by thunder at 6am, and knew from the continuous downpour that my run would be scratched. 

I have run in rain before, but that was during the hottest part of summer, when the cool rain brought me some relief; also this usually occurred on my shorter run days, when I would not be to far from safe cover.  With today being a 5-miler day and with the inclusion of lightning in the sky, I thought that it would be best to postpone the run until tomorrow.

 As it stands I completed two training runs this week.

My run on Tuesday was a hilly run.  I never intended it to have that many hills, but due to my forgetfulness of the area I ran it became a nice challenge.  My time was not all that great, but it was still a good run!

Distance 3.00 mi, Duration 0:34:33, Pace 11:31 min/mile, Speed 5.2 mph.

Thursday’s run was more like my usual lunchtime run, however my GPS got a little screwy and I ended up further away from work, than I had planned.  I ran my 3 mile run, but then had a supplemental run walk, in order to make it back to the office before my lunch hour ended!  That was an adventure!

 Distance 3.00 mi, Duration 0:36:08, Pace 12:02 min/mile, Speed 5.0 mph.

And my supplement run/walk

Distance .58 mi, Duration 0:7:46, Pace 13:29 min/mile, Speed 4.47 mph.

Also this week I took Elvis the pup on several early morning walks which ended up adding seven more miles to my weekly total.  After tomorrow’s run I should have about 18.62 miles logged for the week.