Week Two – Almost completed!

This week I also made it official; I registered for the Half Marathon portion of the White Rock Marathon.  I had held off a while to make sure my foot was healing before I paid to register.  Now it is official.  I am in!  Yee ha!

My second week of training is just about in the books.  I planned for running my long training run this morning, but we had some pretty severe rainstorms move through the area at sunrise.  I had hoped that these would have stayed away long enough for me to get my run in, but I was woken by thunder at 6am, and knew from the continuous downpour that my run would be scratched. 

I have run in rain before, but that was during the hottest part of summer, when the cool rain brought me some relief; also this usually occurred on my shorter run days, when I would not be to far from safe cover.  With today being a 5-miler day and with the inclusion of lightning in the sky, I thought that it would be best to postpone the run until tomorrow.

 As it stands I completed two training runs this week.

My run on Tuesday was a hilly run.  I never intended it to have that many hills, but due to my forgetfulness of the area I ran it became a nice challenge.  My time was not all that great, but it was still a good run!

Distance 3.00 mi, Duration 0:34:33, Pace 11:31 min/mile, Speed 5.2 mph.

Thursday’s run was more like my usual lunchtime run, however my GPS got a little screwy and I ended up further away from work, than I had planned.  I ran my 3 mile run, but then had a supplemental run walk, in order to make it back to the office before my lunch hour ended!  That was an adventure!

 Distance 3.00 mi, Duration 0:36:08, Pace 12:02 min/mile, Speed 5.0 mph.

And my supplement run/walk

Distance .58 mi, Duration 0:7:46, Pace 13:29 min/mile, Speed 4.47 mph.

Also this week I took Elvis the pup on several early morning walks which ended up adding seven more miles to my weekly total.  After tomorrow’s run I should have about 18.62 miles logged for the week.


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