Week 2 begins

First week went very well.  Although there were some hot and uncomfortable days that I had to train on, I made it through the discomfort.  Sunday I ran 4 miles, and in doing so, I went somewhat off the beaten path.  I do that sometimes to shake the monotony of running the same familiar routes.  It allowed me to tune out my brain, and take in the sights. 

I discovered some huge houses and nice hideaways. The elevation was not extreme at all, which gave me a more relaxing longer run.  Sadly I encountered way too many stray dogs. I hate that these poor creatures are on the street.  They left me alone for the most part, and a couple were more afraid of me, than a threat.   People really need to be mindful of their animals, and to spay and neuter them.  I hope that in my future training runs, I don’t have to encounter so many lost little souls. 

Speaking of strays, we rescued another one on Friday.  This sweet girl was wondering around our neighborhood for over a week with an unfixed male.  She was extremely friendly, and even sat for a couple of photos, so I could get the word out about her.  The male was not as social, and was too skittish and aloof. We were not able to catch him.

When we got home from work on Friday evening, the lost girl was laying in a yard three houses down.  When she caught eye of us, she bolted full speed to our place.  I made the decision to give her a home.  She adores everyone in the house!  The other dogs are happy with her and love her too.  She makes a great playmate to our puppy, and they wrestle for hours. 

We had our vet check her out, and she is in perfect health.  She just needs to be fixed, and that will be done within the next few weeks.  Puppy-boy is first.

So running aside, please spay and neuter your pets. Also please consider a shelter dog; rescues make the BEST companions!

Anyway here was my Sunday run


Completed (Run): Distance 4.02 mi, Duration 0:48:31, Pace 12:05 min/mile, Speed 5.0 mph.


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