Week One Update

After an assigned and required rest day Monday, it was time to get on it!  Tuesday I hit the pavement during lunch to get in my training time.  Summer is NOT over in Dallas, and that made it seriously difficult for me to get through this leg.  It was not my best performance running-wise, but I finished it. 

Distance 2.68 mi, Duration 0:38:09, Pace 14:14 min/mile, Speed 4.2 mph.

Wednesday was supposed to be another rest day, but I needed to get in a good walk to boost my mood, and get some fresh air.  It was a brisk walk, that gave me some good distance at lunch.

Distance 2.76 mi, Duration 0:46:00, Pace 16:38 min/mile, Speed 3.6 mph.

Today’s run was much better.  I was able to take my lunch a couple of hours earlier, so I could get out there and beat the noon-time heat.  It still was not easy, but it was so much better than Tuesday’s run!!

 Distance 2.52 mi, Duration 0:29:29, Pace 11:42 min/mile, Speed 5.1 mph.

Each morning I put in about 2 miles of dog walking, as well. So that also contributes to my training.  Pup and I run a little, but it is not at the intensity that I run, on my training runs.  He is too young still to run the distances, and the walk is more for him to sniff, walk, and do his business. 

Saturday or Sunday will be a 3 miler.  I can pick which ever day I wish.  As time gets closer to the date of the Half Marathon, I’ll start trying to focus on doing the long weekend day runs, on Sundays.


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