MapMyRun Stats 9/01/10

 The summer heat makes it REALLY difficult to get running in.  Now that my mornings are filled up by walking the new pup, I have to get my running time before the  hottest time of the day.  Even at noon it is just AWFUL.  The humidity keeps a thick film on your skin, and it feels like you can never get relief.

Today I was lucky enough to take an early lunch and get my running done before 11:30.  It still was a steamy run, but at least I didn’t end up feeling like my shoes were melting to the pavement. 

I did notice that my breathing was feeling a little tight at 1.5 miles.  This was reminiscent of when I was bike commuting to work one day in September of ’08.  I ended up having an allergy induced asthma attack that lasted over 45 minutes.  Definitely a scary situation that required an emergency trip to an Urgent Care facility, along with a breathing treatment, and an inhaler prescription.   Luckily this was not the same thing, it just felt as if it was going to start happening.  I was able to normalize my breathing and make an attempt to not stress over it.  That helped me get past the sensation and the subsequent flash-back.

I finished my run and again felt no pain in that bone in my foot, that was injured the first weekend of July. 

3.61 miles in 44:14
Avg speed – 4.9 mph
Avg Pace – 12:15 min/mile

I am going to focus more on getting on a training schedule to compete in the Half Marathon portion of the White Rock Marathon.  I still believe I can accomplish this!  I will set my sights on doing a full marathon after this hurdle is crossed.


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