MapMyRun Stats 8/30/10

A Good solid outside run!


After wrapping and taping my foot, I took off for a solid pavement pounding run.   I ventured into a neighborhood which I had not really explored before, and ended up running up some surprising hills.  As I cut over on one street, I caught sight of something that really bothered me; a squirrel and her baby in the road.  

At first I thought that they were both dead, but as I slowed down,  I realized that they were both alive, but for some reason were not moving.  After carefully investigating, I found out that the momma had a hurt leg, and it looked as if it laid there to watch over it’s baby.  I truly believe that she would have died laying there just to be nose-to-nose with her baby. 

I dribbled some water at their mouths from my water bottle, and immediately after that the momma took off across the road, dragging an injured leg behind her.  I carefully picked up the baby, and took it over to where the momma was hiding. I tried to just speak calmly to the momma, and gently pet the baby in my hand.  It was sweet when the baby closed it’s eyes, as if it were completely comfortable.  Of course when I stopped petting its little neck, it started squeaking REALLY loud!  Scared the crap out of me at first!  



After careful consideration, and a semi-anxious phone call or two, I decided that it was best to leave the lil one with his momma.  She needed him, as much as he needed her.  Luckily they were able to get into a secluded spot in some bushes.  

I really hope that they are ok!


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