Fresh Start


I am super excited to announce that my training limbo is coming to an end, and that my Half Marathon training schedule begins this MONDAY!  My foot has finally healed enough for me to feel comfortable with hitting the pavement again.  I have been running an average of 5K (3.11 mi) three to four times a week, and walking the same distance a couple of times a week. Those have all been on my lunch hour at work.  In the EARLY mornings I have been taking our new pup on walks at least five times a week, so that has also added to my weekly mileage.

At first I started back up with my foot wrapped and taped, to help support my arch and to also stabilize that problematic navicular bone.   I have gone through about six rolls of athletic tape in the past three weeks! Ace Bandage should send me a Thank You card!

In the past 5 days, I have successfully ran two days without taping my foot at all – one was 3.21 mi and the other was an accidental 4.21 mi run.  I say accidental because I got a little lost and extended my mileage more than I intended. My plan is to still tape my foot on the longer runs  just to play it safe, but for the 3 to 4 mile runs I feel safe enough to skip the tape and just go.

I’m going over the 12 week training schedule, and looks like this is all going to fall into place!


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