Reaction to Stress

Yesterday I went to my doc to get the results of my foot MRI.  Unfortunately they were running behind, so I had extra time to sit in the waiting room to wonder about what the results would be.   Time can be an enemy!

Finally after about 40 minutes I was taken back to the exam room – to wait some more. Yay.  The nurse was kind enough to give me some literature to read – the MRI report.  Man there was some confusing terminology in this report!  I had to continually look up things on my iPhone.

Yo tengo BING!

Finally the doctor came in to sum everything up and to talk to me on how to get back on track again.

The MRI showed joint-centered marrow edema within the distal, medial navicular and middle cuneiform bones.  There was no evidence of an actual fracture in the navicular bone.

The diagnosis is a stress reaction of the navicular bone.  A stress reaction is the stage just before an actual stress fracture.  A bullet has been dodged in that sense, but it still requires using a walking boot and no running for at least three weeks.  The doctor explained that I would need to be completely pain-free for three weeks before getting back to running again.

When I do return to running, I will have to cut my mileage back at least 50%, and then add on no more than 10% per week after the first couple of weeks.  He also thought it to be a wise idea to not plan on running the full 26.2 marathon in December.


There is a possibility that I would be able to run the Half Marathon, however this is going to depend on how my foot reacts to training. I will have to play it save, so not to risk more injuries.

I already had come to terms that I may not make the full marathon.  I had some bouts of disappointment, in thinking this would be the case, but then I had to realize that I was in this for the long haul.  I could not push my body to the breaking point again, and risk more severe damage.  That would risk me not being able to run, walk, or even bike for a longer period of time; it could even risk me not being able to swim, if surgery were needed.   Being around someone like myself without a physical outlet such as exercise is not fun for anyone.  So the risks outweighed the benefits.   I’m waving my white 26.2 surrender flag….for now.


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