It’s been HOW long???

Life got REALLY REALLY crazy busy lately!  I have still not started running again, but have been staying very active.  I took on a new sport and have been trying to improve in it – swimming.  I have not had a proper swimming lesson in YEARS.  By YEARS I mean DECADES.  By DECADES I mean not since I was a wee little kid and we all had to take lessons as a part of summer water safety at the Dallas Recreation Center.  I am definitely rusty!

One evening a guy who was swimming a couple of lanes over from me approached me as I was about to grab my things to leave the pool area. 

“Excuse me.  May I make a suggestion?”

“Sure!”, I replied.  I mean after flailing in the water trying to get my laps in, I was most appreciative of an offer of help. 

“Try pressing your chin into your neck; that will help keep your legs afloat when you swim.”

I thanked him and have been focused on using his advice every time I hit the water.  I have yet too have perfected this.  Maybe it’s just the massive running muscles in my legs that are sinking me?  Ha!  I need to work on form.   I did make a good purchase last week, that has helped me some; a pull buoy. 

A pull buoy looks like an indented yoga block, that you hold between your legs as you swim.  It keeps the lower body afloat, but also prevents you from kicking and also adds drag to the swimming.  It makes for a great upper body workout! 

So until I can run, this along with biking will be my endurance exercise.   I actually am starting to really enjoy swimming; I just can’t wait until I can run again!


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