MRI results – let’s talk?

Yesterday I called my doctor’s office to check and see if the results came back for the MRI of my foot. It has been pretty achy recently, and it has me a little concerned.  The MRI technician informed me the day of my test, that I could call as early as Tuesday for the results, even if I had an appointment for a couple of days after that.  Not knowing what was going on, or what the plan of action was, I was starting to get a little antsy.  I left a message for a callback, and waited for the word.

My doc stays pretty busy, so I figured that it would probably be a 24 hour turn around on the phone call.  Sure enough there was a missed call this morning and a voice mail notification.  I immediately checked the message, in hope of knowing at least what was found; instead I get a voicemail stating that the doctor would like to just discuss what was found on the MRI, when I go to my appointment tomorrow morning. 


Now I am really anxious!  A slew of scenarios are going through my mind. It could be nothing but inflammation.  It could be tendonitis.  It could be a soft tissue tear.  I could be a stress fracture.  It could also be something needing surgery or more time off of my running schedule.  It could require me to use crutches, with zero wait baring on the floor and NO cycling! 

I’m just going to have to chill, and trust this process.  It may be nothing or may be something that I do not like at all.  Either way it is out of my control, and I’m just going to have to roll with it.


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