MapMyRun Stats 7/3/10

After a day of battling with iTunes and my wiped out iPhone on Friday, I needed a good run to change the energy. I did manage to bring my iPhone back from the dead, but it cost me a little sleep to do so. At least I had my music back!

Today it was cloudy and just snotty looking outside. Normally this would be some good sleeping in weather, but I had to get out to the lake and run. I cannot miss my long runs; it is what builds my distance base that is needed for my ultimate goal – 26.2 miles.

I started my run at a different spot at the lake, so I would get the hill off of Garland Rd over with right off the bat. I had this to contend with at the end of my run last week, and even though I made it, it was not the most pleasant part of my trek.

My goal today was to get to at least 8 miles, and then see how I felt. I could stop at that point, as it is what my training schedule has me listed for this week. I know how I get though once I hit my rhythm; I can push things a little further.

There weren’t as many people out today, probably due to weather and the fact that it is a holiday weekend. That was fine though. Less people to zig-zag around. The energy was still good even with less foot traffic.

I made it around the lake, without walk breaks. I only stopped for water refills and to use the nasty port-o-potty. Hey when you gotta go, you gotta go! I took a alternate route that let me run along the spillway area. That was so cool!! I also looped back on a couple of routes to make sure I got my max mileage in. I didn’t want to risk shorting myself with the detours.

I actually pushed my run to 10.08 miles! Victory!

I am celebrating my Personal Best, but going to a concert tonight – Joan Jett! I am so excited that I cannot even take a nap! I sure hope my energy holds up; I’ll be taking a couple of 5 Hour Energy shots with me just in case!

Here’s to a rockin’ run!!


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