Rest Rest Rest…Lather, Rinse, Repeat

After a personal best kind of run on Saturday and a well deserved night of celebration, which included lots of standing, I woke up to a really sore left foot on Sunday.  The pain area is between my arch and my heel, on the inner side of my foot.  It wasn’t my arch nor my heel, but almost dead center.  If it were under my foot, I would know it to be plantar faciitis; this though is something else.  

Now I would think that custom orthotics would keep my foot in it’s proper position in the shoe, but something must be wrong.  I haven’t put on my shoes since Saturday, so I have no idea if it is going to hurt to walk in them.  I’m keeping off of my foot as much as possible, and  wrapping it with ice packs to help speed the healing.   I skipped my bike ride on Sunday just to be sure that my foot was rested. Hopefully this clears up before another training run begins on Tuesday.   

As for now, it’s Rest Ice Compression and Elevation.  Oh and today I am NOT going to pig out like I did yesterday!  

Oh and why was I standing a lot on Saturday?  We were backstage at Joan Jett’s show!  We got to stand in front of everyone to watch the show, but unfortunately she wasn’t feeling too hot, so we didn’t get to meet her afterwards.  Kudos though to her for putting on a great concert, while dealing with some serious sinus crap! I’m glad to have had my good camera with me that night!  

Joan Jett Rocking Rowlett


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