MapMyRun Stats 7/1/10


Today I changed things up a bit for my Thursday 3 mile run. I wanted to sleep in a little, so I nixed the early morning run. I had a chance to get a last minute hair appointment for a very much needed haircut, so my lunchtime run was canceled. I had one last chance to get my run in, and that was after work.

On my drive home I decided to run the Katy Trail. I would have run in my neighborhood, but there was too much of a chance that I would get distracted with the goings-on at the house. I didn’t want anything else possibly derailing my run.

What a run it was! I first started to run the opposite direction of Katy Trail to circle American Airlines Center and run the side streets, but as that route started, I decided to just head back and continue the run up the trail. I felt good running up the trail, but the return felt even better. My speed was quicker than usual. I even kept pace with a couple of people; something that I never do.

I ended up running 3.01 miles in 27:13!!! This was my personal best! Yay for afterwork running!!


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