Life, Lemons, and Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, you know what to do!

Today marks the one month anniversary of my last run. This was the awesome 10-miler right before I injured my foot. Seems like it has been much longer! I am pretty much 100% out of the walking boot, but if needed I will not hesitate to slap it back on again. For safety’s sake I am also NOT running as I was several weeks, even three months, back. The walk/walk/light jog/walk test has begun.

I started walking last week at lunch, and put in a shade over two miles per session. I did this for two days. My arch felt a little tight during the walks, but it was intermittent. It could have been because of the injury or just because my foot was not used to the movement; especially considering that my foot had been immobile for these pas weeks. There was no next day soreness, swelling, or area tenderness. That was a good sign.

I used two other days during the week to continue my new hobby; swimming.   I never realized how much would like it; which was the same with running in the beginning, to be honest. I am getting past the awkward spazzy stroke stage, and am starting to get into the swimming groove.

Who knows, this may lead to doing triathlons!  For now it is a good way to change up things and to allow my foot to take the time to heal.


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