Does this boot make me look fat?

My bootie!


 Thursday I was fitted for a walking boot. It is looking more and more like I have a stress fracture on my navicular bone, so to be safe the doctor and I both agreed that my foot needed to be immobilized.  

This boot is MUCH lighter than the old one I ha, which was loaned to me a few years back. I’m guessing that it is at least seven pounds lighter! It is much easier to walk in, and I don’t rattle the floors and walls, nor do I startle my roommate or scare my pets when I walk around the house!!  

I went and got an MRI on Friday, so I’m going to know more about what the issue is; unfortunately I won’t get the results until Tuesday. More waiting!  

At least I can ride my bike.  Saturday, I put in a substantial amount of miles on my mountain bike; a little over 37 miles.  It felt great to be able to put in that kind of effort!  

Later that day, I ended up buying a triathlon suit.  I like the styling of it.  I’ve never been much of a one-piece swimsuit kind of girl; I prefer bikinis.  The look of the triathlon suits are freaking cool to me, and who knows, maybe I’ll participate in one a little down the road!  Since it is looking more like I will have extended pool time, I am now looking to invest in a good underwater mp3 player.  I can’t seem to put my full trust in a case, such as the H2O Amphibx armband to protect my iPhone; after all if that case fails I will have no working phone! I may have to get an iPod Shuffle and their Interval 3G case, or maybe the Speedo Aquabeat.  I’m still shopping this.


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