Bodybugg Stats Catchup!

Well I’ve been bad about this!  Here are my Bodybugg Stats from 7/1/2010 – 7/6/2010!   I actually had a surplus day, but it’s the first in a long time, and it rarely happens.  I’m not stressed about it.

Bodybugg Stats 7/1/10

Bodybugg Stats 7/2/10

Bodybugg Stats 7/3/10

Burned a TON of calories on Saturday, and got to eat a lot more so to not be in too much of a deficit.  Funny thing is, I really didn’t think I ate that many calories!

Bodybugg Stats 7/4/10

Surplus day!!!  Not too bad actually.

Bodybugg Stats 7/5/10

Bodybugg Stats 7/6/10

Sunday is when my foot problems began to surface, so not much calorie burning activity going on for now.  I should be doing something as soon as the doc gives me the okay.  Maybe he will at least let me ride my bike until I can run again!

Bodybugg Stats for 6/30/10

Bodybugg Stats for 6/30/10

Okay so even though I ate a little more yesterday, I still was way over my deficit. Running sure torches the calories!!! I guess that I still need to tweak my eating a little more.

Not that I am complaining!

Bodybugg Stats 6/29/10

Bodybugg Stats 6/29/10

Holy crap! That treadmill run, at the gym, sure blasted some calories! Went way past the deficit yesterday!

Bodybugg Stats 6/28/10

Bodybugg Stats 6/28/10

These are my Bodybugg stats for Monday 6/28/10. Went over my deficit a bit, but still within a reasonable range. I should have added a small snack!

Bodybugg Stats 6/27/10




Here are my Bodybugg numbers for yesterday. I was a little surprised that I didn’t go over my burn goal, considering the bike ride and the house chores I did yesterday afternoon. At least I was at my deficit! 

Strange thing though, I may have retained fluid from my long run on Saturday. I weighed myself Sunday and this morning, and according to my scale I gained 4 pounds. Has to be fluid retention! 

I’ll re-check in a few days.