Doctor’s office called me today, and set up my MRI appointment for tomorrow. So tomorrow afternoon I get to slip into that tube, and try to stay still long enough for them to get a good image of my shoulder.  Have you ever been told to stay still?  Do you realize how difficult that is for me on a normal basis?  To tell me to stay still will get me more antsy than normal.


Goin’ tubin’.

This is gonna be interesting.

Sunday Run at White Rock Lake, with my boy Ringo


Sunday Run at White Rock Lake, with my boy Ringo

Sunday Run at White Rock

Ringo is just the perfect little running partner.  He loves to go on my long weekend runs, and gets EXTREMELY upset if I have to leave him at home to do a non-dog friendly event.

By the time we got back in the Jeep, he was ready to crash.

One pooped pup

One pooped pup