Good morning asphalt

Last night I tried to make it a very early evening.  Since I get up at 4:30am to do my weekday training runs, I try my best to get 8 hours of sleep.  I sat in bed with my pup Ringo, and read Runner’s World magazine to wind down.   In the middle of our quiet evening, someone next door decided it would be cute to pop off some firecrackers.  Mind you we are in the middle of the worst drought and heat spell in over 30 years, but I guess they forgot.

Normally Ringo does not hear anything.  He has been deaf since birth.  Oddly enough he was able to tell that this racket was going on, and got pretty agitated by it. Before it started he was sleeping soundly butted up next to me, as I read.

Luckily things settled down soon, however I did not get my 8 hours in.

I still got up at 4:30 am and trekked out for a dark run in the neighborhood.  I crated lil man Ringo, and hid a chewy inside of his toy, to keep him busy while I ran.  He tends to miss his mommy a lot, and when he does, he lets EVERYONE in the house know about it.  He is one of the sweetest pups I have known, but right now, he is a mouthy little brat who needs to just chill out.

After I tip-toed out the door, I ran down to the tennis courts, and past the golf course.  It was my out and back route.  I saw people walking their dogs, trying to avoid the scorching 100 + degree heat that has been stifling us every day for the past 38 days.  This is also why I have to drag my but out of bed at way-too-freaking-early:30 to get my running in. It’s just been brutally hot here.  I for one HOPE that we break the 31-year-old record for 100 degree streaks. I do not wish to see another summer like this one for another three decades at least!

On my way back to the house, I saw a groups of runners going past me.  It was the local run/walk group that gets out every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  I enjoy seeing other folks running when I am out so early in the morning; it makes me feel a little less cookoo for not being inside, and still snuggled up in bed with my boy.  I’d love to run with their group one day, but  I’m start my runs by 5am; thirty minutes before they even get on the road.

Tomorrow I will be at it again, that is unless I have to bow up, go next door, and lose a couple of hours yelling at the neighbors about the danger of fireworks and keeping me up past my bed time.  If that happens, I’ll hit the treadmill at lunch. Ha!

2 thoughts on “Good morning asphalt

  1. I feel your pain at getting up early. I get up and run at 5am, and if I don’t get enough sleep I have a really hard time getting up. But running in the morning while it’s still cool, and before a day of work is the only way to get it done consistently for me.

    • Some days it doesn’t matter how early I get out there. When the temp hits 108 degrees, the pavement never really gets to cool down all that much. Bleh!


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