MapMyRun Stats for 6/30/10

Today was my 4-miler day.  I set my alarm to wake me up EARLY this morning.  I knew that I would have to run before work to get in the miles.  Running four miles in 45 minutes, during lunch, would have been pushing it for me; my running speed is not that fast, so I need to work within my limits.     

I took care of my morning chores; feeding the animals, making coffee to put in my thermos, then threw on my running clothes to dash out the door.  I didn’t feel like running in the ‘hood for some reason, and actually considered hitting the treadmill again.  My left foot felt a little tight and tender, so the treadmill did look like the best option at first.  My plan was to run at the gym by my office, then to use the company shower to get de-funked for work.   

On my drive in, I changed my mind.  I opted to run around the neighborhood by work instead.  My foot felt better; probably was not awake yet, and I really wanted to do pavement running as much as possible.  I parked, put my work clothes into my locker, and headed out to run.  The temperature was PERFECT; just a little bit if a chill to it.    


My run was pretty smooth, until I headed down a new street.  I have never been down this road, but it was a nice area so I thought that a little detour would be cool and adventurous.  I wish I took a photo of this street and the view.  The descent down this road was crazy steep, and from the top you could see way off in the distance!  Oh yeah it was great running DOWN the street, but once I hit my two-mile marker to turn and go back, I had to run back up this monster.   My stride became quick little baby steps.    

Baby-step, baby-step, baby-step,baby-step,baby-step….. for a full 1/4 mile.   

Here is how MapMyRun gauged the elevation.  I do not think they did it justice.    

Baby-step, baby-step, baby-step, baby-step, baby-step, baby-step...


Looks like 20% but felt like straight up!   

Once I got to the crest, I felt like a champ. I wasn’t about to try it again today, but will give it a go next week.   

I made it back to work in good time, got cleaned up, and sat at my desk WOLFING a heary bowl of oatmeal (with banana and blueberries).  I was a HUNGRY girl!   

My second 4-miler is done.  Yay!   

Distance 4.01 mi, Duration 0:50:04, Pace 12:29 min/mile, Speed 4.8 mph. I was clocked at or above 5 mph for most of the run, but I think the hill slowed me down a lot… yeah THAT’S it!   

MapMyRun Stats 6/30/10


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