MapMyRun Stats 6/24/10

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MapMyRun - 6/24/10

MapMyRun - 6/24/10

After a good day of resting my body, I was able to get up early this morning and run.  I was back and forth about either hitting the treadmill, or running in the ‘hood.  Running in the dark can be a little nerve-wracking, especially in certain areas of town. After much debate,  I decided to skip the gym, and get more pavement pounding in.

It wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.  It’s really quiet this early in the morning, and hardly anyone is out and about.  I saw only a few cars, and maybe two other folks walking around in their yards.

I loved running down to the Bishop Arts District!  I’ve never taken my ‘hood run down there until this morning.  All the twinkly lights on the store fronts, made it feel so festive; even at 5:30 AM!  It was like I was in my own private parade. If I had the time I would have taken a picture to share; maybe next time!

About halfway into my run, I kept wondering if there were going to be any big scary stray dogs crossing my path.  I’ve had a couple of BIG dogs run along side me on my bike rides, but they looked as if they were having fun, and weren’t trying to hurt me.  On this morning’s run I didn’t encounter any large dogs, but I was chased by a chihuahua with a BIG scary attitude!  Little monster about nipped my heel at one point.  He/she read me the Riot Act, and probably told me to get lost and never run by their house again.

Hehehe funny little squirt dog!

This one is in the books.  Distance 4.22 mi, Duration 0:49:31, Pace 11:24 min/mile, Speed 5.13 mph.


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