Cross-training Day

Sundays are my cross-training days.  I do not do ANY running what so ever. What is cross-training? It is any other form of aerobic exercise that allows you to use slightly different muscles while resting (usually) after a long run day.  Non- load bearing is best!  Cross- traing exercises can be swimming, cycling, or walking.   An hour of cross-training is supposed to help me recover after my Saturday long runs.

I choose to ride my mountain bike across town, as part of my cross-training.  Yes, some of the hills can be a challenge, but in the end I feel GREAT!  Today I even had the energy on the last half of my ride to chase a road biker on the Katy Trail.  I stayed with her for most of the way back and we kept up a good speed (+-20 mph).  I managed to kick up enough leg-fuel to blow by her for the last couple of miles.  Call it cockiness, but I made sure that she was left in the dust.   Ha!  

The ego race did tamp out my fuel for the ride across the Trinity River and to the house.  I made it home fine, although a bit slower than I had wanted. 

It was worth it.


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