Thoughts on early morning running..

This morning I embarked on my first REALLY early morning run.  I’ve done early, but this was REALLY early!  I was out the door at 5:30am.   I expected it to be a little difficult to get up and it was challenging, but as long as I kept moving toward my goal of getting out that door, I was okay.

Last night I was still pretty beat from my hot noon run.  I still managed to put out my running clothes and gear, my work clothes, and even got my food all ready to grab for the workday.  I know how I am in the mornings – coffee jolts my brain enough to function and get things done.  However, coffee before a run for me is no good.  It would put my bladder into overdrive and running while doing the peepee dance is not the prefered method! 

I jogged my way into the upscale area by the golf course and around all the winding roads.  I am constantly reminded of one thing, if the run seems easier than normal, you might just be going downhill.  It was true for the first half of my run.  The last half I was going uphill – even the slightest of incline was noticable. 

No matter.  Once it was done, it was done.  I felt really good and more awake than I expected.  I got back just in time to shower, change, feed the animals and head on out to work. 

Now at 12:00 I feel like I have put in a greatly productive day.  Awesome!  the icing on the cake is that I can look at the temperature outside and not have to dread the heat!


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