Supershoes Part II

Just got back from my Pedorthist, with my new altered running shoes. This is my second pair, and I am happy to have a different color of running shoe to wear! So yay Supershoes Part II! I just need a blue sharpie to blend that added middle wedge into the rest of the shoe.  I plan on taking a good walk in these tomorrow, to make sure they land correctly before I use them on my long run on Saturday

Supershoes II

Supershoes II in blue!

Supershoes I is showing signs of extreme wear. I scuff the crap out of the bottom big toe area of the sole when I run. Maybe I need to work on picking my foot up more?

Supershoes I

Supershoes I is starting to blow out

Larry, my Pedorthist at CHT said to let Supershoe I  go down to white, and then he will add some harder rubber to that area.  The rate I am going, that will not take too much time at all!!


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