Tap Tap …. Is This Thing Still On???

So here we are… yep.  I slacked off SO badly on my blogging.  I have sat here each day and tried to figure out a way to start back again, but to do so without a recap of things, would be a LOT of writing……

I took time off of running long distances, to change gears and to try another type of workout.  My job offered us all a chance to take CrossFit classes back in April. I had not really done this type of workout before, but at the time I figured that the cross-training would be a good way for me to get stronger.  Even though I lost all of that weight, and ran a Marathon, I found myself with a skinny body, without much muscle and strength.  Sure I could run for days, but ask me to do a pushup and I would barely be able to get myself off of the floor.  I was tired of being a skinny/fat runner!


I did two things last year in my training for the White Rock Marathon; I focused all of my attention on running and piling on the miles, and I changed my diet to a very strict Vegan diet. For a while my eating seemed to work okay for me, but I soon became fatigued and worn down.  At first I thought that it was the rigorous training that was the cause, but when I stopped my long distance training, I still felt like I was dragging myself to get through the day.  I also notice that I was losing mental focus.  I would go into a fog more easily, have a harder time concentrating, and would forget things more frequently. It was downright scary! I watched as my lean body started to become soft and squishy.  My waistline was having to be crammed into my jeans.  It was gross!

Now I cannot blame those results on being vegan, just as much as I cannot blame the endurance training.  It could have been a combination of both. After visiting my doctor and having blood tests run, she advised me to get off of the Vegan diet, and start getting animal protein back into my system.  I was just not able to absorb the protein, thus I was getting more fatigued as  time went by.  It was also discovered that my hemoglobin levels were low, as well as my vitamin D levels.  In fact my vitamin D levels were EXTREMELY low.  After all of the testing and the consultation, I was convinced that I needed to suck it up and start eating meat again.

For my own situation, was a good decision. My energy returned, as well as my mental clarity. I have also had much greater success in putting on muscle. Is this the solution for everyone? No.  My situation could be unique; some may flourish with a vegan diet. I just know how my own body was effected, and I chose to listen to my body, and do what was best for it. That is the best lesson for any eating or workout plan….listen to what your body is telling you!


2 thoughts on “Tap Tap …. Is This Thing Still On???

  1. I have been just as bad with my blog…it was funny to see this because I was thinking of getting going on mine again. I also thought it was funny because I am considering trying out cross fit too! I have another runner friend who went vegan as well and he had trouble with his vitamin D levels as well….


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