A fur free morning run

This morning I ran alone for the first time in five weeks.  Ringo is sidelined with his paw issue, and Lola is still at the vet after being spayed yesterday.  Neither puppy will be running for the time being.

Funny that not having those guys to run with, made it more difficult to muster up the energy to get out the door.  I am used to having their happy bouncy puppy bodies ready to get going on our morning adventure. Instead I had one sad pup face looking at me from his crate, and another empty crate waiting for its occupant to come home later.

I even toyed with the idea of running on the treadmill, until Christie needed to use it, but I was afraid that she would need it before I was done, or my run would run long. After reminding myself that the morning temperature was nice and cool, I talked myself into covering Ringo’s crate with a large sheet, and leaving the house to go run.

At the end of my block there is a Salvation Army chapel, and as I ran by there were already a good 70 people lined up in folding chairs waiting to go in.  This was the same site that had the gigantic garage sale from my 21 mile day.

I wound myself through the neighborhood going up one street and back down the next one.  I repeated the pattern until I was near the edge of the neighborhood, and then reversed back, running the same pattern again.  Normally with the dogs I would be preoccupied with praising them on their behavior, or having to remind Lola not to chase after the cat,dog, walker, jogger, fire hydrant, tree stump, bulk garbage pile, or any other figure that cast a weird shadow in her eyes.  I missed those distractions.  I only had my music, and the sound of my feet hitting the pavement. On my long run days, running solo is not much on an issue, but for my shorter weekday runs, I love having my furry friends.

I passed a couple of people on my winding route who all seemed to ask me the same question, “Where’s your puppy???”  Most folks are used to only seeing Ringo, since Lola has only been with me for two weeks. I simply said that he was resting a bad foot, and that he’d be back out soon. Little bugger better get that foot well quick!

I ran 4.62 miles, with an average pace of 11:05. Yep still a slow runner, but that’s fine with me.  I may be slow, but at least I go – even if it’s without my trusty companions.


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