And then there was….

After running the Rock’n’Roll Dallas Half Marathon, I focused on taking care of Brewster, and making sure that he was as healthy and happy as possible.  I still did my usual lunchtime runs, because to be honest, they gave me some sanity.  I didn’t have this Zen-ness going on, that I had before White Rock.  Death does a number on you, whether it be the loss of a human loved one, or a fur baby loved one.  If I had not committed to running at lunchtime, I would have allowed the stresses of work get to me, and let’s be honest, I would have turned into a real bitch.

I curbed my long weekend runs to an ever so often kind of thing.  I didn’t have a race to prep for, so I tapered back to a manageable amount of weekly miles.  I just didn’t want to start putting on weight!

I finally started to feel more like myself, and the loss of Monroe was not stinging as much as it did before.  I was not healed from the loss, but managing it better.  I entertained the notion of adopting another dog, and this time was focused on saving a Pit Bull.  I had evolved from my ignorance of the breed, and wanted to adopt one. A couple of sweet deaf ones became available, but by chance they ended up being adopted by someone else.

Then came this little guy.

A deaf Pit Bull X puppy who needed another home.

I did a lot of soul searching on this little guy, and decided to go meet the people who had him.  I made no promises to myself.  I think it may have been the shut down part of me from losing Monroe; not sure really.  I do know this, the moment I laid eyes on him, I was totally smitten with this little boy.

His name at the time was Harvey, since he was found out by Lee Harvey’s.  As I sat on the ground and played with him, the girl who had been taking care of him told me something that literally stopped us in our tracks. Had she decided to keep him, she would have named him…..


REALLY??? Are you kidding me with this???  Ok! Ok!  I get it, Monroe! I’ll take him!

Yeah another sign from the Golden above; take this boy home!  So I did.

And then there was Ringo.  He may not know it, but eventually he is going to mend my heart.


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