And to think I was feeling burned out?

Today I was battling a bit of burnout.  I woke up tired, and was sluggish for most of my morning.  I didn’t want to be at work, and I sure could not fathom running.  I exaggerated, in my mind, the pain in my foot, and made it seem worse than it was.  I decided to create a post about beating burnout, and after reading my list and the many sites out there that address Runner’s Burnout, I actually started to come out of my slump.

By the time lunchtime arrived, I was ready to hit the treadmill at the gym.  There was no way that I could run outside, because the weather was really unstable, and the skies could open up to a downpour at any time.

Even though in most cases the treadmill is monotonous and boring, I actually enjoyed the time I spent running on it.  I set the incline to 1.5 and after 20 minutes I increased that to 2.5.  I kept a pretty steady pace; between 5.2 mph to 5.7 mph.  I ran my 3.13 miles in 36:05, and felt very good!

I’m glad that I didn’t allow the negative energy spoil a productive day of running.  I’m going to keep referring back to my list to Beat Burnout, every day that I feel like I am in a slump.


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