Cross-training Stats – 6/27/10

Today was my cross-training day.  After sleeping in a little bit, I grabbed my MTB and went for a nice spin.  Instead of my usual ride into downtown Dallas and up the Katy Trail, I opted to take this off-road and ride along the Trinity River.  I got close enough to the gigantic arch, which will be the main focal point of the new suspension bridge out of downtown.  It is just mammoth looking!    

Giant Arch for new bridge Arch and new bridge framework


I rode a little ways down the path and took in all the nature that was around me.  Definitely more peaceful than the downtown streets!

Riding along Trinity


It was a nice ride to stretch my fatigued legs.  I didn’t try to crank the pedals, but did have to deal with a couple of steep climbs.  Not too bad though.    


Distance: 11:49 mi, Time 1:18, Avg Pace 8.87 min/mi, Avg Speed 8.87 mph   


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