Send in the Clouds…. PLEASE?

Just returned from my lunchtime training run. It was so insanely hot out there! The 3-miler felt like it just would not end. The temperature showed it to be 92° with a heat index of holy-crap-your-shoes-are-melting! I finished even though I did need to take a couple of walking breaks to re-hydrate.

I was so happy to finish this run.  It makes me re-evaluate running in the midday sun.  I’m going to either have to suck it up and get up at 5am to be out the door on my run by 5:15am, hit the treadmill at the gym, or run at night.   The last thing I wanna do is get sick from the extreme Texas heat.

I normally run with an Iron man water bottle belt, which holds 16 oz of fluids and has a zipper pocket for lip balm, emergency cash and my work badge (if needed). This thing is a freaking life saver! In heat like today’s you have got to be able to hydrate during your run or walk. Also nothing is worse than dried up lips – so that accessory pocket comes in handy!

Very similar to my Ironman one

I also purchased some Nuun electrolyte tablets. Just drop one tablet in 16 oz of water and it dissolves to make an electrolyte rich drink, without added sugars.

NUUN Active Hydration Tablets

Better to be over prepared when running in the extreme heat, even if that means NOT running in extreme heat!


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