Get Lost!

This morning before the doctor’s appointment, I went out for an early run. My training schedule has me set to run 3 miles today. I ran in the neighborhood out of sheer convenience. If given the time I would rather run as much as I possibly can on the actual White Rock Marathon route. I’m pretty bad at being over-prepared.

Today though, due having that appointment, I stayed closeby.

I didn’t map my route ahead of time – that TOTALLY went against being prepared. I figured that I knew my ‘hood well enough to have a good idea on how my mileage would go. Yeah well I figured wrong.

I started out my run making my way through the tree covered streets. Our neighborhood has wonderful landscaping filled with big trees. It was nicer to run in than I imagined it to be. I got on a few winding streets and got my taste if hills. It made for a good run! Problem was I got a little turned around and at my 3 mile training goal, I was a little over a half mile from the house and not much time to get home, shower, have coffee, and eat before this appointment!

I hauled butt home. I have not run full on since re-tweaking my back. That was due to over-exertion with my then new Supershoes about 6 weeks ago. I still paid close attention to my back and how my body ran, so I could make it home safely.

I did…Thank God. I live to run another day, and this time I’ll look at the map before I leave!


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