Oh yeah THAT’S why I don’t eat or drink that anymore!

Yesterday we ventured out to a benefit music festival at a great local venue – Jack’s Backyard.  A lot of old friends would be there, and ten bands were booked in order to raise money for some local no-kill animal shelters.  It was an awesome cause, and was sure to be a fun time.

It was so great to see everyone, and to hear the bands.  However with it being a scheduled rest day, I was a little less concerned with how I ate.  Normally this is not a big deal because I am usually at home.  Being out though gave more cullinary freedom, which in the end made me feel pretty yucky. 

I ended up getting pretty dehydrated, and my stomach was pretty torn up.  I should have skipped the chips that came with my veggie burger, and drank more water.  Being out in the Texas summer heat can dehydrate you quicker than you think.  Also beer, no matter how watered down does NOT hydrate your body!

Next time I will request a veggie or fruit plate, and drink a lot more H2O!


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