My commitment

I started out on a weight loss program some months ago.  I was over-weight, and unhealthy.  I also just was not happy.  I mean I was happy to a degree, but I was coasting through life, without some true drive.  I had battled the bulge for years, but never stuck to healthy habits; it was always some fad thing that I was trying.  I finally got my act together, invested in a Bodybugg, and started to buy fresh and mostly organic foods.  I learned my food labels, and am continuing to learn which ingredients to avoid.  My body is way too important to just fill with crap!

For my exercise I just stated walking at lunch.  It was a way for me to get off my butt, and get away from the office.  It offered me a break in my workday, which was usually hectic and a bit stressful – something that is not good to the body and psyche in large doses. 

Now for the obligatory before picture which was taken at Christmas time.

Superman meets super unhealthy

Superman meets super unhealthy


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